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NHS Bylaws and Officer Duties

East Ridge High School National Honor Society Bylaws


Schedule of Meetings:

  • Meetings will be held the first Tuesday of every month after school and any additional meetings that are necessary will be called by the Advisor or President.
  • Officer meetings will be held as needed.

Member Obligations:

  • Members must attend 80% of meetings each term (term is defined as a semester.)
  • Members must attend all induction ceremonies
  • Members must actively participate in NHS events.
  • Members must maintain a 3.5 unweighted GPA.
  • Members must pay dues and submit their membership contract by the meeting day determined by vote. The individual service project proposition must be submitted by January 1, 2020 by all members. Approval signature/date by both project recipient and NHS sponsor will be necessary for this proposition. Final paperwork will be due at a later date to be determined by vote at an official NHS meeting. Failure to comply will result in probation.
  • Members must adhere to the four NHS principles of character, leadership, scholarship, and service.
  • Members and parents must abide by and membership agreement.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to remain in communication with the organization. Members must ensure contact information remains current. If a member’s email changes, he or she must notify the secretary/communications officer immediately.
  • Any issues with compliance with the Membership agreement must be addressed between the member and the officers. If the issue cannot be resolved, the member should approach the sponsor.
  • Member must adhere to NHS Point System published.
  • Members must turn in a copy of their report cards promptly.  

Probation Policies:

  • Probation and termination policies are outlined in the Membership Agreement document.
  • If a member is unable to attend an NHS meeting, they must inform Ms. Bushwitz or an Officer immediately.


East Ridge High School National Honor Society Officer Duties

  • Only members in good standing may run for office. Being an officer in NHS takes precedence over activities in other clubs and part-time/full time jobs.



  1. Preside over meeting.
  2. Delegate committees.
  3. Execute club decisions.
  4. Monitor committee activity.
  5. Keep advisor apprised of committees.
  6. Organize and preside over inductions.
  7. Sets agenda for meetings.
  8. All meetings will be conducted utilizing Robert’s Rules of Order.


Vice President:

  1. Preside over meetings in absence of the President.
  2. Chair of the Committee Activities. Reports back to President.
  3. Assist the President and advisor in planning and contacts.
  4. In charge of any PowerPoint Presentations.
  5. Maintain membership compliance.



  1. Take complete and effective minutes at meetings.
    • Forward a copy of the minutes to each member and the sponsor via email.
  2. Maintain membership list.
  3. Maintain attendance at each meeting.
  4. Maintain attendance for each activity



  1. Maintain accurate financial account records.
  2. Complete all appropriate paperwork for fundraising and activities.
  3. Coordinate all fundraisers.


 Communications Director:

  1. Flyers, emails, poster, bulletin board, and keeping members informed of club meetings and events.
  2. Communicate with outside businesses and the community at large.
  3. Be responsible for club correspondence.
  4. Remind 101
  5. Monthly Calendar



  1. In charge of the yearly scrapbook
  2. In charge of photo documentation of events
  3. Submitting photos and entries to yearbook
  4. In charge of updating ERHS NHS Webpage
  5. Assist communications officer in business outreach and flyers, posters, etc.



  1. In charge of collection and maintenance of Individual Service Projects.
  2. Fills in for secretary upon absence
  3. Serves as liaison to Lake Sumter students (dual enrolled and HSCA)