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Hello everyone,

I have created some Google Forms to make applying a little easier for you. These forms are to ONLY be used if you have NO classes on campus and can't get the signatures on the application. If you have any classes on campus, you need to do the application the traditional way. 

These forms replace the following parts of the application: Parts 3 and 4: Extracurricular Activities and Leadership Positions; Part 5: Service Activities; and two parts of Part 5: Character -- one, the signature of your administrator, and two, the signature of Mrs. Antmann at guidance express. You need to send the form Part 5: NHS Character (Guidance Express) to Mrs. Antmann at You need to send the form Part 5: Character (Administration) to YOUR administrator, which you can find out who that is by looking on the school website or it should be listed in Skyward for you in your personal information. The other two forms will go to whoever you need to fill them out. To access these links, you will need to join the NHS Invitation Google Classroom that I invited all of you to join; if for some reason I missed you and didn’t invite you, email me and I will add you.

Despite not filling out the actual paper application, I still need you to print the application in its entirety so that I can make notes on the different sections as I go through the Google Forms to verify you have everything turned in. In addition, it requires a parent signature and some personal information such as name, address, email, t-shirt size, etc. 

Two things I will NOT accept virtually are your letters of recommendation from teachers and your letter(s) verifying your service hours. These must have wet signatures. You can have your teachers send those letters to myself (Mrs. Long) or Mrs. Marino, but they must have wet signatures so they will have to put them in my mailbox. Your volunteer hours verification will have to be arranged to be picked up by you. 

To turn in the application, you can either drop it off at school in the front office or mail it to me at the school. The school address is: 13322 Excalibur Road Clermont, FL 34711. Put it to the attention of Carly Long. Any letters that were given to me by a teacher, I will attach to your application once it is received.

Keep in mind that this is all due by October 22 at 2:40 p.m., so please start requesting your needed forms and letters right away. If you have any questions, email me at


Carly Long
NHS Sponsor