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Were you absent for your scheduled testing session??

The following information is for ERHS students only, and does not apply to Lake Virtual, Florida Virtual, or Home Education students.

Testing make up dates are quite limited--we are limited on the number of days left, the number of rooms available, and the number of test administrators.  Please make every effort to attend your scheduled make up session.

If you were absent for any FSA ELA Reading session, any FSA Algebra 1 EOC session, or any FSA Geometry EOC session, you have been scheduled for make up testing on Friday, May 21st.   If you were absent for FSA Biology EOC or FSA US History EOC, you have been scheduled for make up testing on Tuesday, May 25th.  On-campus students must report to first period class and will be called to their testing location.  Lake Live students should arrive to their testing location between 7:30 and 7:40 am so not to interfere with normal morning traffic.

ALL STUDENTS should have a fully charged chromebook, ID, and properly fitting face mask.

If you have missed more than one session of testing, please click the "ERHS TESTING MAKE UP LIST" link below to see when and where you have been scheduled to test.  Information has been sorted by Student ID number, found in the left column.


Lake County Virtual, Florida Virtual, and Home Education StudentsTesting information posted for East Ridge High School students, such as testing dates or tests offered, does not pertain to students from Lake County Virtual School, Florida Virtual School, or Home Education students.

If you are an East Ridge High School student who is taking a class on Florida or Lake County Virtual school, please contact your guidance counselor about End of Course testing dates and to verify you are scheduled for testing.

If you are enrolled with Lake County Virtual School and are zoned for East Ridge High School, and you would like information about testing, you must contact Ms. Laura Bury at LCVS to obtain any and all testing information.  Ms. Bury can be reached at

If you are enrolled with Florida Virtual School and are zoned for East Ridge High School, and you would like information about testing, you must contact FLVS at 1-800-374-1430.

If you have registered with Lake County Student Services as a Home Education student (who may or may not take courses through Florida Virtual School) and are zoned for East Ridge High School, and you would like information about testing, you must contact Leslie Rosado in the Student Services department.  Ms. Rosado can be reached at

Spring Testing Calendar

The FSA English/Language Arts (ELA) exams and the Algebra, Geometry, Biology, and US History End Of Course exams (EOCs) will take place in May.   While the FDOE has waived the testing graduation requirements for graduating seniors, it has not waived that requirement for 9th through 11th grade students.   Per the Florida Department of Education, no remote administrations are available for any statewide summative assessments. 

Advanced Placement (AP) course testing will take place in May as well.  General questions regarding FSA or AP testing can be answered by the teacher of the course being tested. 

For more information about FSA testing at East Ridge, please click the link below to read the Parent Letter sent home in April.

ERHS Spring Testing Parent Letter


Testing Protocol at ERHS

  • Students should bring fully charged ChromeBook to all testing sessions
  • Students should have photo ID to present to test administrator
  • Students should have a small bag to keep personal items such as phones and other electronics while they are in the testing environment
  • Students must completely turn off all cell phones (power off, not on silent or vibrate) and alarms. 
  • Student may not be in possession of electronic devices, such as smart phones, wireless ear buds, smart watches,  at any time during testing--including breaks.