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SNHS Bylaws

East Ridge High School SNHS Bylaws

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The Science National Honor Society (SNHS) recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in encouraging and recognizing scientific and intellectual thought. These students work to advance other students' knowledge of classical and modern science. The members communicate with the scientific community, aid the civic community with its comprehension of science while encouraging students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all humankind.

Students who choose to apply for membership for SNHS must be a sophomore in their secondary school education. A student must have and maintain a 3.5 grade point average on the 4.0 scale to be a member. In addition, the following qualifications must be met and maintained:

a) A member must be enrolled in at least one honors and/or college level science class during or prior to the tenth grade year. 

b) A member must be enrolled in at least two second year honors or upper level science class during or prior to the twelfth grade year. 

d)  A member must maintain an A average (3.75 on a 4.0 scale) across all science courses.


a) Applicants shall be notified of their member status at least two weeks prior to the planned date of the Induction Ceremony.

b) There shall be an Induction Ceremony held annually.

c) The Induction Ceremony shall include the initiation of first year SNHS members.

d) The annual dues will be $15.


a) Our chapter meeting will be held every other Thursday.

b) The president may call emergency meetings, if approved by the officers and the adviser.

d) Officers and committee members are expected to attend additional meetings, designated by the group.

e) Members must be present for at least 85% of all meetings.  Members are responsible for the information they have missed during the meeting and expected to continue to actively participate in club sponsored events even if meetings are missed.

f) Members may only miss one service project a year and are expected to contribute in an alternate way if they cannot be present.


 a) Our chapter shall have at least three service projects a year.

b) All members shall participate in at least two of the chapter’s projects per year.

c) The purpose of the projects shall be to encourage scientific and intellectual thought, to further the knowledge of science in school and community, and to volunteer in the surrounding community. 

e) The Chapter will attempt to bring speakers from the scientific community into the school to the extent to which our resources and location will allow.

f) Chapter may allow members to assist other students by tutoring them in science or other subjects.


a) Positions to be elected for are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

b) Candidates for each position shall be nominated, and seconded, by current SNHS members at (a) membership meeting(s) in the month prior to the elections.

c) There shall be no limit to the number of nominated candidates running for each officer position.

d) Each candidate may make a speech to the SNHS body on the day of voting.

e) Names of SNHS candidates will be recorded on official ballot forms. Each SNHS member shall have one vote for each position.

f) Each vote shall be turned in to a sealed ballot box and kept in a secure location until counting (or comparable secure procedure).

g) Officer terms are roughly one year.

h) Officers may not be and officer in another service club in the serviced year.


a) A student may be dismissed if he/she violates the standards, obligations, or ideals of the Science National Honor Society. This includes violation of grade or behavioral requirements.

b) Dismissal is approved and carried out by the chapter adviser.

c) Upon dismissal, the student is divested of all benefits of membership.

d) A student may appeal dismissal by submitting a written request to the principal or headmaster of their school.


a)The principal or headmaster of a school shall reserve the right to approve all activities and decisions of the chapter.

b) The principal or headmaster shall appoint annually a chapter adviser, who may serve consecutive terms.


a) The chapter adviser shall be responsible for the direct, daily supervision of the chapter, and act as a liaison between faculty, administration, students, and community. There may be multiple chapter advisers.

b) The chapter adviser shall maintain files on membership, chapter history, activities, and financial transactions. The chapter adviser shall send an annual report to the national office.

c) The chapter adviser shall frequently review each member for compliance with SNHS standards, obligations, and ideals.

d) The chapter adviser shall help the chapter officers understand and carry out their duties.

e) The chapter advisor and/or designee shall be present at every meeting and shall give at least 48 hours notice if unable to attend. 


a) Bylaws are created by the local membership in accordance with the national SNHS constitution. Any member may propose to amend the bylaws of the East Ridge High chapter of SNHS as long as it is in accordance with the constitution of the national organization. Policies on nomination, selection and dismissal are reserved for the officers and advisers as outlined in requirements under subsection 2 and 3.

b) The proposition shall be presented to the SNHS officers and Faculty Sponsor before the meeting at which it will be proposed.

c) The proposition shall be presented to the appropriate body and a vote shall be carried out following the Standard Election Rules.

d) If a super-majority (2/3) of the SNHS body favors the proposition, it shall be put into action. If 2/3 of the SNHS body does not favor the proposition, it shall not be put into action.

e) A proposition shall not be proposed or voted on more than twice in one school year.

f) The principal may amend the bylaws where they deem it appropriate.