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Raymond Munoz


Mr. Raymond Munoz has been in the education field for 18 years. Mr. Munoz was born in New York, USA, but grew up in Puerto Rico, where he attended elementary, middle, and graduated from High School. Shortly after, he joined the Puerto Rico Army National Guard and the US Navy, serving in NAS Mayport and NAS Cecil Field in Jacksonville, FL. After finishing his career in the military, Mr. Munoz attended Columbia Centro Universitario in Puerto Rico, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Administration in 2001. In 2005 he received his certification as an ESE Teacher with a minor in Autism. In 2009 he attended the University of Phoenix, Guaynabo Campus in Puerto Rico, where he earned a Masters of Education in School Supervision and Administration.

In 2003 he started his educational career working in several middle schools for the Puerto Rico Department of Education. In 2011 he became a Principal at the Aristides Cales Quirós Middle School in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico. He worked as the lead administrator for six years before relocating to Florida in 2017 and joined the Lake County Schools as a VE Teacher. After four months, he was promoted to Instructional Dean, and by the end of the SY 2018, he joined the Administration Team at East Ridge High School as an Assistant Principal.

Mr. Munoz has achieved a positive impact, not only on the Hispanic school community culture but by helping others embrace one of our school’s many attributes; a very diverse student and staff population. Mr. Munoz actively works with the Administration, Teachers, and Staff to close the achievement gap among our varied economic, cultural, and ethnic groups. As we returned to a new sense of normality after the Covid-19 era, Mr. Munoz collaborated to make sure that every student in our school had a Chromebook as one of their educational tools. They were able to access the work from home through the use of Google Education Apps. Mr. Munoz also works hard in keeping our students and staff safe by coordinating efforts with local law enforcement agencies and the District through the School’s Safety Awareness Program.  

 Mr. Munoz is proud to be a member of the Equity Team at East Ridge High and part of #SeeMe, #KnowMe, and #TeachMe. His commitment and enthusiasm can be perceived in his day-to-day contact with the students, faculty, staff, parents, and local community of East Ridge High.

Mr. Raymond Munoz

Mr. Munoz

Administrative Assignments for School Year 2022

Discipline 9th,10th, & 11th M-R

Accident Reports/Workman's  Comp (Antmann)
CTE State Exams/Awards
Health and Safety Coordinator
Facilities (work orders)
Juvenile Justice/Adverse Impact Administrator
IT Administrator/Technology Contact
Military Signing Ceremony
PASS Program Coordinator
School Plus/Detention Coordinator
Underclassmen Awards
Assessment Group
AP Computer Science
Character Development Staff
School Nurse